Apr 16, 2011

Give me this mountain

I'm already behind in my blogging.  All I can do is try again... and again.

I had an experience while skiing at Solitude a few weeks ago. It was one of those "ah-ha" moments  -  a "tender mercy" if you will.   I was feeling pretty confident in my skiing abilities and aparently Mike was too, so he decided I was ready to tackle a harder run...  Well, to make a long (and difficult) story short, I was soon in a situation where I thought I was going to die - or at the very least break both of my legs!  Mike was skiing backwards holding onto my tips in an effort to slowly ease me down the sheer precipice of ice as I became more and more irrational and paralized by fear. I was engulfed by thoughts of, "I can't do this! I'm letting Mike down... I"m pathetic... this is too hard...etc." When we finally made it to the next slope, it seemed alot more managable than the one we had just come down but I once again came to a stop and let fear and discouragement take over.  I looked down at the steep, long face of that mountain and thought, "There is no way that I can ski this!"  Instantly another thought came into my mind that I should not look at the entire overwhelming task that lay ahead of me, but instead focus my thoughts and energy on the small patch of snow directly in front of me.  I knew I could ski.  I knew what to do - so that's what I did.  Focusing only on the snow immediately in front of me, not the whole mountain, I planted my pole and began.  Seemingly, without effort, I was skiing down the mountain and enjoying it!  Behind me I could hear the happy cheers of a darling husband who could not believe his eyes. The words of Joshua - after the Lord called him to succeed Moses - came to mind: 
 "Give me this mountain."

I'll just take it a piece at a time.
(and apply that principle to the rest of my life!)

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