Jan 16, 2015

My "love cup" overfloweth

So it's a new year, 2015 to be exact, and I'm going to once again try to "blog."  You see, I've come to realize over the last few years that my recollection of certain events and Mr. Incredible's recollection of those same events vary greatly. More terrifying than that realization is the cold hard reality that HE is faithfully keeping a journal and I have not been as diligent in that department.  Thus, HIS reality will become THE reality because MY reality has not been recorded... I owe it to my kids to write a little bit, so they have both sides of the story!
Christmas was wonderful. Brian and Layna came the week before Christmas and Ben and Maddie arrived the day after Christmas. We were all together in one house for not quite two whole days - but it was so important to me to have the kids all together. Mostly so that everyone could meet and enjoy our newest addition, Little Miss C. It was our first Christmas as Grandparents and it was SO hard not to completely spoil that sweet little thing. The fact that everything had to fit in a suitcase helped a little but we still ended up sending them home with an additional suitcase! At seven months old she had us completely captivated from sun up to sun down with Patty Cakes and curiosity. She is a little ray of sunshine, ready with a smile at "hello." She sure had her Uncle Collin and Uncle Ryker wrapped around her little finger! Uncle Collin could not get enough of her and I think the feeling was mutual. She would grin from ear to ear if he walked into the room. (Side note here - he's going to be a wonderful father!)
It's so amazing to watch your little family turn into amazing little grown-ups. I love watching my daughter be a mother, and watching the other kids fall so easily into being Aunties and Uncles. Watching Mr. Incredible become a Grandpa made me fall in love all over again. Who knew we were capable of such love? I remember thinking to myself as I prepared for my second child to be born, "I sure hope I can love him as much as I love my first." Within minutes of him being born I felt such a deep possive love for him that I was acutally amazed.  How was it possible? How, when I adored my firstborn with all of my whole heart, was I able to feel this strong, overwhelming and incredible love for this little guy? And then it happened again... and again. I loved, more than anything, those four little people that God blessed me with, and I thought then that my "love cup" was completely full. Well, I forgot that my children would marry someday - and now I have two wonderful Son-in Laws that love my daughters, and I've been blessed with a deep love for each of them. I was not prepared, however, for the immense love I felt as my first little granddaughter entered this world. Yes, my "love cup" overfloweth.  She
just captured my heart in an instant! This gift of love helps me to understand the Atonement in just a small way. It helps me to understand that it is possible for Jesus Christ to love us enough to die and atone for us all.  I like to imagine my love continuing to grow - because I know it will. Love. Pure and simple. Everyone wants to love and be loved - this is the greatest secret of life. Love, the Savior's love, is what caused Him to suffer and die for us. Heavenly Father's love, of us and of His Son,  allowed Christ to do this. I am so thankful for them and I look forward to being amazed, over and over again, at the love that overfills my "love cup" as my capacity to love grows throughout my life.

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